Eclipsed by the Unexpected


Sunday Morning Forum Facilitator April Kelsey's experience is that most evangelicals are sincere and warm-hearted, desiring to share with others the saving truth, as they understand it. Believing they have the best intentions, April says caringly, "Give them some grace."

Magnificent! Astonishing! Overwhelming! Magical! The cosmos and all of Creation surely lived up to its reputation this week, as those experiencing the solar eclipse (particularly in the path of totality) were awestruck by Monday's spectacular show.

Meanwhile, this week, another sensational event was occurring at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula. While vacationing with family is treasured, I am greatly disappointed to have missed April Kelsey's Sunday Morning Forum entitled "Understanding Evangelicals." Although I was not present for this interactive class, it was no surprise to hear participants describing the exchange as stellar.

Coming to know April over the last several months, I can understand how she would have facilitated a keenly informational, participatory presentation. Of greater significance than instructional value is April's courage and transparency in relating her poignant, deeply personal testimonial about her formative years and introduction to evangelicalism. Indeed, I celebrate that our UUFP family affords the security of inclusive, respectful community that encourages this kind of forthright sharing, deep listening and meaningful connection.

Spirit - Intellect - Community--these are the introductory words describing Sunday Morning Forum found on UUFP's website. When I first visited UUFP 22 months ago, I was dazzled by the unexpected! It is no overstatement how extraordinarily mind, spirit and relationship-expanding I continue to find the Forum and worship experiences. With present day relevance demonstrated throughout these and other diverse ministry opportunities, I remain convinced that the Fellowship has a priceless gift to share with each other and the community at large!

April's instruction helps us transform the unfamiliar and unexpected into something positive. Her topic reminds us of the importance of taking the time to relate to and communicate with people perceived differently from ourselves. In doing so, in building the Beloved Community, the "eclipse of the heart" will pass. No longer will impediments exist between us and them...between us and the celestial. No longer will darkness obscure the Light!

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