UUFP Endowment Fund – Creating a Legacy

All of us are indebted to the past, to those who precede us. We drink from wells we have not dug. We enjoy liberties we have not won. We share fellowship whose foundations we have not laid.
At the same time, we are seeds of the future, for those who succeed us. We dream and envision and set things in motion. The fruits of our decisions will be known only to others whom we will not meet. We are called to partner in fellowship with those who have gone before us and to offer the best that we have to give to those who will follow.

Welcome to the future! The Legacy Society is comprised of people who have contributed to the UUFP’s Endowment Fund. They want to help guarantee the future of the Fellowship and its work in the world.

The Endowment Fund isn’t another funding vehicle for the church to help pay the light bill, or the mortgage, or anything in the general budget.  It is a funding vehicle for special projects outside the budget, from which the principal is never spent! By using part of the interest to fund programs, the fund's integrity will be ensured.


Endowment Giving Opportunities

  • Honorariums and Memorials:

    Consider a gift of appreciation and recognition that will last much longer than flowers. You can honor someone’s birthday, graduation or other special time, as well as memorializing someone’s life.  (You may specify an honorarium or memorial on the online contributions form or by designating such on your check.)

  • Bequests:

    There are many ways to gift (e.g.,money, bonds, stocks, life insurance). Remembering the UUFP in your will leaves a legacy that helps advance the mission and vision of the Fellowship.

  • Endowment Gifts (Undesignated):

    Wish to give a gift to support special projects/programs not funded by the church budget?  Then, extend an undesignated gift to the Endowment Fund.  (Your charitable gift, via any of these three categories, may also offer a tax benefit.)

No gift is too small. All contributors become members of the Legacy Society no matter the size of the gift.

Please use the buttons below to submit a program proposal and/or to give to the Endowment Fund. Questions?  The Endowment Committee is standing by, or discuss with your personal attorney. Thank you!

If you wish to review additional ways to financially support the work of this church, visit "Pledging – Give a Gift" and "Fundraising Programs & Events." We are grateful for how the combined efforts of our members and friends equip the mission and vision of this Fellowship.

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