CommUUnication = Plugging into CommUUnity!

Social Media is one of several communication channels helping the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula Grow, Connect, Engage and Inspire!

So you ask: "What's the difference between the UUFP Community and the UUFP News Facebook groups?"

UUFP Community is where members and friends may share events, photos, thoughts or ideas related to our community and mission at UUFP. Posts should reflect our UU principles, values and mission.

Members, friends and staff may post in UUFP Community.

This Facebook group is more like a conversational coffee hour—nurturing fellowship, while keeping us in tune with activities and events that affect us both within and beyond our church family.

UUFP News is for staff and leadership to share events and important news that relate to Unitarian Universalism in our congregation, district and the association, as a whole.

Only UUFP staff and leadership may post to UUFP News.

This Facebook group is more like an online congregational meeting—communicating mission and ministry news in a more formal fashion.
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Both Facebook groups are publicly visible, and people wishing to become a "member" of each group must submit a request to join. Both groups are opportunities to inform and inspire us in our spiritual and relational journey with each other and the world! Plugging into these and other UUFP communication channels feeds us personally and equips us collectively in carrying out our mission!

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