Committees—Working Together to Make Positive Change!

“I cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do."

Committees/program team members do the work of the Fellowship. Without them we could not make strides toward creating the Beloved Community.

An example well set by our young artist, a message for all to embrace.

Below are some of the groups welcoming new teammates to share in the important work in our church and our local and global communities.

“Think, Love, Serve!” Let’s do it Together!

Encourages and supports the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of UUFP members and prospective members through educational classes, activities, and focused discussions on topics of interest. The programs of the ARE Committee allow participants to learn from one another and from active members of the broader community, fostering a vibrant sense of mutual understanding, curiosity, respect, empathy, tolerance, and social justice.​ Contact:

We are responsible for the maintenance, repair, safety, appearance and cleanliness of the building. Contact:

We assist UUFP members who are experiencing difficulties (e.g., surgery, illness, death in the family, etc.). Services are offered through the dedicated time and talents of compassionate volunteers. Contact:
The Communications/Website Team supports UUFP's mission in carrying out the policies and procedures for UUFP's communication outlets, e.g., the website, social media pages, bulletin boards and signage. Managing/maintaining these tools facilitates fluid congregational connections and helps promote the values and vision of our beloved community to the world at large. Contact:

Do you love books? Do you love organizing? We need your help! We are seeking volunteers to assist with managing our present book inventory in both the Sanctuary and Office buildings.  Help is also needed with archiving the many records here at UUFP. Contact:

We encourage and support the growth of UUFP membership by providing a warm welcome to visitors and knowledge to the community of UU principles and our Fellowship.  The team further aid members through recreational activities and directory information.

Many hands are needed to offer meaningful congregational worship, and our faith tradition calls us to be in covenant with one another. The Music Committee will thus cooperate with the Minister, with lay and guest preachers, and with the Sunday Services Committee to plan, prepare and perform music for Sunday services as well as for other services as may be required. Contact:

We serve to facilitate the important social actions that take place within the congregation, as well as to raise awareness on issues of securing human rights, an equitable distribution of resources, a healthy planet, democracy, and a space for the human spirit to thrive. We are committed to active involvement with social issues following the UUA’s Seven Principles. Contact:

We facilitate communication and awareness between the congregation, Tidewater Cluster, the Southern Region, and the UUA.

We provide a path for congregational study and reflection and a call to individual and collective actions in response to environmental challenges. Contact:
We are committed to maintaining an attractive and thoughtful appearance and maintaining a “street appeal” for UUFP members and the general public, while promoting a Green Planet mentality by attracting and supporting native flora and fauna species. Contact:
Each one of us is a member of the Hospitality Ministry comprised of the Wonder, Sage, Engage and Generosity Teams.  Coffee maker, food provider, server and clean-up—learn more how you can support this important social time on Sunday mornings. Contact:

Each Sunday morning, (either in-person or virtually), thought-provoking presentations and discussions are facilitated by congregants and guest speakers. Drawing from a wide range of sources and topics, these motivating educational opportunities are certain to expand both mind and spirit!

The Sunday Services Committee works closely with the minister to provide worship services all year long. Committee members provide feedback to the minister on past services. We are responsible for booking and working with speakers and lay leaders for services when the minister is away. The Committee constantly reviews service elements in light of congregants' comments and other concerns. We also work with the Music Committee on musical aspects of worship, with the DRE to include youth in some services, and with our ministerial interns. The Committee provides for special worship services and maintains supplies of items used in worship. Contact:

As a "Welcoming Congregation", we strive for radical inclusion, creating spaces that honor every part of our identities, backgrounds, and experiences.  Help us ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are full members of our faith communities!

The Children & Youth Religious Education Committee’s mission is to promote and nurture the spiritual growth and education of the Fellowship’s children and youth. Join us as we work closely with the Director of Religious Education and help with the selection of the yearly curriculum. One can expect our team to provide warm and loving care and exciting activities for all ages, not only during Sunday Service but for special events, as well. Are you interested in helping out?

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