Children & Youth RE Class Descriptions

Our UUFP Religious Education classes utilize the Soul Matters Sharing Circle materials.
These are monthly theme-based lessons developed for Pre-K through 12th grade.

Soul Matters: What paths must we lean into and relearn as we travel together into our complex, challenging and hoped for future? This is the overarching question our 2022-23 themes invite us to explore! Each theme will lift up a particular spiritual path crucial to helping us birth a new normal worthy of our hopes.

In particular, we will explore the challenges and paths of…

September: Belonging
October: Courage
November: Change
December: Wonder

January: Finding Our Center
February: Love
March: Vulnerability

April: Resistance
May: Creativity
June: Delight

Each week children will discover what is inside the Wonder Box. They will practice a meditation together and hear a story relating to the monthly theme. We will begin with a chalice lighting and give kids a chance to check in with each other about their week. The creators of Soul Matters have taken extra care to include activities that will work well online to keep everyone engaged.

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