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Sunday Mornings:

Sunday Morning

Sunday September 24th: Our theme today is Welcome Apology and Forgiveness. We will hear the story A Pillow Full of Feathers. Then we'll do a magic pepper experiment, walk a mindfulness path of forgiveness to get us up and out of our seats. Then we'll play a game of Forgiveness Hot Potato.

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Join us at 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon each Sunday morning except the second Sunday in the back RE room or on Zoom. We are using the Soul Matters lessons each week for our multi-age RE class.

On Second Sundays, children and youth are invited to come to services. No RE class will be held.

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Children & Youth RE Calendar of Events

Postman Quote

Children are the Living Messages we send to a time we will not see. –Neil Postman (click to enlarge)

RE Events

08 Oct, 2023
08 Oct, 2023
15 Oct, 2023

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Volunteer your time and talents. Consider teaching our children and youth, or perhaps you’d like to serve in some other supportive role. We are resourcing creatively (especially during this time of social distancing) and would love to brainstorm and collaborate with you. Contact:

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