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Sunday Mornings:

> Sunday Morning: February 12th

This week children and youth of all ages are invited to come to service. Enjoy music by our UUFP choir and hear two different stories. The first is called “I Sang You Down from the Stars” by Tasha Spillet-Sumner and illustrated by Michaela Groade.

As she waits for the arrival of her new baby, a mother-to-be gathers gifts to create a sacred bundle. A white feather, cedar and sage, a stone from the river . . .
Each addition to the bundle will offer the new baby strength and connection to tradition, family, and community. As they grow together, mother and baby will each have gifts to offer each other.

The second is called “Always Remember” by Cece Meng and illustrated by Jago.

After Old Turtle swims his last swim and breathes his last breath, and the waves gently take him away, his friends lovingly remember how he impacted each and every one of them. As the sea animals think back on how much better Old Turtle made their lives and their world, they realize that he is not truly gone, because his memory and legacy will last forever.

> Children's Religious Education Classes – Come Join in!

Join us at 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon each Sunday morning except the second Sunday in the back RE room or on Zoom. We are using the Soul Matters lessons each week for our multi-age RE class.

On Second Sundays, children and youth are invited to come to services. No RE class will be held.

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Children & Youth RE Calendar of Events

Postman Quote

Children are the Living Messages we send to a time we will not see. –Neil Postman (click to enlarge)

RE Events

12 Feb, 2023
19 Feb, 2023
19 Feb, 2023

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