Canvass Kick-off!

By Steve Farthing, UUFP Canvass Chair, 2019 - 2020

Dearest Members and Friends of the UUFP,

I am pleased to announce that our annual pledge drive, the Canvass, begins this week! During this event, we pledge to financially support the Fellowship from July 2019 to June 2020, our fiscal year.

Your pledge this year, and your faithful support in past years, have been essential to our success. It has made full-time ministry and professional religious education a reality. It has supported our acquisition of the Office Building and its property. It has provided a foundation for the UUFP that undergirds all of our efforts. Thank you for making the UUFP a vibrant, thriving community.

This year we are tackling two new initiatives: fully funding the position of Director of Religious Education (expanding Joanne Dingus’s position to full-time and increasing her responsibilities to more comprehensively provide religious education) and covering all our expenses via the pledge drive (eliminating past reliance on labor-intensive fundraisers). We have set a bold goal of $215,000 in pledges.

You will receive a letter and pledge card in the mail over the next few days. Please read the letter, fill in and sign the pledge card, and return it over the next three weeks. Pledge cards may be returned to the Fellowship and placed in the pledge box (a clearly-marked box will be on a table behind the entryway podium starting next week), mailed to the UUFP, placed in the offering basket, or returned to the office. The Finance Committee will track all pledges and provide weekly progress updates.

Pledge cards are due by February 24, 2019. Please return them early if you can!

If you have questions, members of the Canvass team will attend all services over the next few weeks and may be contacted via email or phone. Pat Yaros and I ( are primary contacts; David Walsh and Judy Remsberg are also available (please check the latest version of the UUFP Directory).

Canvass activities are not limited to service. Expect to see additional information in emails, on Facebook, and in The eFlame. On March 24, we will mark the conclusion of the Canvass with a celebratory meal, a Chili Cook-off with bread, desserts, and beverages. Don’t miss the fun!

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