UUFP Expansion – Bringing Vision to Life!

Grow in Wonder ~ Connect in Love ~ Engage in Service ~Inspire Generosity

What will help us live out our UUFP paths more fully?

The most important and popular idea expressed among us is the enjoyment of the like-minded community of our Fellowship. Reverend Andrew suggests that
“perhaps our purpose is community, practicing it as deeply and thoroughly as we can—
both within and beyond our walls.”


On March 8, 2020,
the membership of the UUFP voted to pursue future expansion of the Fellowship at a new location.

UUFP Three-year Capital Campaign kicked off October 3, 2021!
"Serving the Mission, Saving the World!"


Check out the
UUFP Expansion eFlame articles
for the most recent update, as we make a way forward to our goal! 

Additional background info is provided below. Please contact our UUFP Planning Committee with any questions and input!

Goals – Mission – Vision
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