April 23, 2017: What’s in a Word?

The words we select and the manner in which we communicate them make a profound difference!

A sincere thank you to Sunday Morning Forum’s astute guests, Bob and Megan Tschannen-Moran, Co-Founders of LifeTrek Coaching International and the Center for School Transformation. Megan’s articulate delivery capsulized Marshall Rosenberg’s internationally acclaimed process–Nonviolent Communication (NVC)—otherwise known as Compassionate Communication.

Throughout thousands of years of domination/classification/judgment structures, our culture has perpetuated thinking and speaking in ways that produce conflict, internal pain and violence. Alternatively, NVC observes that we are, at heart, compassionate beings designed to enjoy “natural giving”—a life-infusing experience when we resist playing the game of “Who’s Right” and strive to meet human needs. With instruction in developing a heightened consciousness and “new vocabulary,” NVC encourages compassionate interaction by connecting in a way in which we contribute to each other’s well-being.

People who apply NVC techniques have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict resolution. How wonderfully transformative and healing, for ourselves, our relationships and the world, if each of us were to make it a lifelong quest to practice these skills of deep listening, compassion and harmony!


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