April 16, 2017: Agents of Change!

Social Justice Committee Co-chairs Carey Hall-Warner and Pam Luke enthusiastically affirm that each one of us in the UUFP is an important component of our congregation's social justice ministry. Sunday Morning Forum's discussion, "Social Action—Living our UU Principles," reached beyond the numerous social action opportunities in which individual members are passionately engaged. The Forum topic was a call to think visionarily about launching a singular unifying project that would combine the strengths and resources of a broader Fellowship base.

Some of our most meaningful experiences for personal spiritual growth and healing outreach occur when we are in service to others and in service for a more just and peaceful world. As further research and contemplation ensue regarding a collaborative cause, everyone in the UUFP family is earnestly invited to join in discerning this call to action. With purpose and perseverance, we CAN continue being Agents of Change for the Greater Good!

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