Adult Religious Education

"Wisdom begins in Wonder" & "a free and responsible search for truth and meaning"! –Socrates & the UUA 

Denbigh Dock

Wisdom, Wonder and Peace (like a river)...visit the nearby dock at Denbigh Park, Newport News, VA—a place to meditate and appreciate "All." (click to enlarge)

"He who knows one [religion], knows none."
-Max Muller

The Adult Religious Education (ARE) program encourages and supports the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of the UUFP members and visitors through educational classes, hands-on activities, and focused discussions on topics of interest. These opportunities allow participants to learn from one another and from members of the broader community, fostering a vibrant sense of mutual understanding, curiosity, respect, empathy, tolerance, and social justice.

Growing in Wonder and Wisdom is for ALL ages. How inspiring to hear our kids sing our Mission song: "Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity."

Explore these stimulating year-round educational programs:
Sunday Morning Forum   *   Book Club   *   Men's Writing Group

RESOURCES: The UUA website is a valuable resource for learning more about the Unitarian Universalist approach to Religious Education.

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