2022 Spring Yard Sale—Creating Community!

On April 23, 2022, our UUFP Yard Spring Yard Sale raised over $2000 for the Fellowship and its mission—our highest total ever!


We had extra tables and racks to better display items this year. It is especially gratifying to have returning customers from previous sales. A few return every year looking for our plants on sale, and the jewelry table manned by Gayle and Harriet is always a big hit.

When virtually everything was gone by 2:00 p.m., one first-time helper expressed that “the sale ran like a well-oiled machine.” Another longtime member commented: “The cooperation was grand. It feels good to be part of such a smooth operation.”

Indeed, the yard sale was a grand success due to YOU! I am astonished and grateful for your efforts every year!

The continuing contribution of many volunteers have made this event possible: Kathy Black, Gayle and Randy Phillips, Jackie Wilson, Bobbie Schilling, Harriet Xinos, Maria Cory, Lisa and Dylan Bessel, Michelle and Alan Sheeler, Ann Kunze, Nancy Hecker, Connie Keller, Pam and Dan Luke, Mason and Patricia Moseley, Henry and Lin Chambers and all of the wonderful helpers who showed up at the end of the sale to transport items that didn’t sell to the charity of choice.

Sweet Sarah,
our "Yard Sale Captain in the Clouds"


I would like to thank Joanna Pierce, our dear Sarah Pierce Davis’s mother. Joanna brings food and helps at the cashier table every year. Sarah, our first yard sale leader and volunteer for many years, is with us in spirit when we gather annually to price donations for the sale. When we come together in the spring, we share wonderful memories of her and the impact she made with this fundraiser and on our beloved community.

AND to everyone

who donated their “stuff”

for the sale

(from handmade crafts and trinkets

to collectibles and other treasures)…

we couldn’t do this

without your generosity!

Thanks also to our office manager, Kirsha McAllister, for obtaining our license from the city and the new adapter for enabling us to accept credit card payments.

This always turns from work to fun—an event that requires the efforts of many, and more importantly, creates...

Community both within and beyond our walls!

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Gratefully yours,

Sandy Burkes-Campbell
Yard Sale Coordinator


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